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Nov 2, 2019

Anker cables, in my experience, have proven to be quite good, but I’ve only really had the best experiences with the Powerline II+ series as I had a standard Anker cable die on me so soon.

One thing I have managed to make use of, and love, is the lifetime warranty on the Powerline II+ cables. I had a 6ft (red) USB-C to Lightning cable (PL II+) start intermittently charging, where I could connect it and it would show as charging for about 5 seconds and then it would stop (not charging at all). After several re-plugging attempts it would only then stay charging and I could move it freely without disconnects. This happened about a month after usage, but after contacting Anker support, I received a replacement very soon. Response times were actually very good, I received a reply within just a few business hours, and the cable arrived on the Monday if I recall correctly, which would make sense for first or second class postage since I contacted just before the weekend.

So, overall, I would say the support I received was fantastic, and comparatively so, as I’ve dealt with support from many huge brands and they often take multiple days to get back to you. Thanks a lot Anker.

Dec 6, 2019

Very satisfied with the customer service. The replies were prompt and the customer service assistant was very helpful and resolved my issue. I also enjoy the quality and reliability of Anker products.

Dec 11, 2019

My family and I have bought a few Anker chargers and they work so well. One of them we received were faulty and they listened to our problem and send another pair efficiently. Thank you Anker team it was great doing business with you and will order from you again for sure. Have a great Xmas and new year.

Dec 17, 2019

Great customer service. They were really helpful. Special shout out to Sophia on the customer service team for being so polite and helpful. Couldun’t ask for more.

Nov 1, 2019

Have owned a lot of Anker charging products and compared to other similar priced cables they last well at the bend points.

I had one cable once for 3 years before the rubber cracked exposing the wires near the micro USB connection, and that was with a lot of use!

I have only had a problem with one pack of cables out of many and this was resolved quickly and I know I’m not the only person that has good things to say about the customer service of this company!